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Nov 18, 2013 1:20am EST
's a complex issue that i don't get to hear enough about. >> just on that, i mean, every operation has -- every country that operates within a coalition perspective will have its own specific issues of concern. we have a caveat. the issue is whether they affect the operational force. at least i was involved in this operation since 2009 answer is no. that most of the caveat that really did have an operational impact were removed. or dropped one way or another. it is -- it's a nate somehow there's some countries that caveats and others don't. it's not quite how it works. the issue is can these forces cooperate in a way and fulfill the mission in the best possible way without causing problems from country to the next. and the answer today is absolutely. i'm now a cub fan, by the way. so it allows me to be -- but nobody remembers the fact i sang. which is good idea. >> i think it's on youtube. [laughter] if anything is on youtube it's not it. there are pictures. [laughter] ting a great question. on the 13 global partners. that was supposed to be the big thing. it's something that the president pers
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1